FOLLOW is a 5-year research project at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science research (AISSR) of the University of Amsterdam. FOLLOW is supported by a Consolidator Grant of the European Research Council (ERC) and is led by Prof. Marieke de Goede. The project studies daily practices of public and private actors who are countering terrorism financing. We study the dilemmas and ethical and practical challenges of detecting/monitoring, reporting and prosecuting terrorist financing in an increasingly technology- and data-driven context.

FOLLOW analyses

FOLLOW analyses the ways in which private companies increasingly operate in the frontline of security practice. FOLLOW uses the notion of a Chain of Security in order to conceptualise the ways in which security judgements are made across public/private domains and how countering terrorism financing efforts take shape in practice. Redeploying Bruno Latour’s concept of ‘chain of translation’ we follow the path of suspicious transactions from banks to FIUs to the courtroom whereby a transaction is rendered from bank registration to suspicious transaction to court evidence. Read more.


Have a look at this fantastic special issue of @SecDialogue on #critique edited by FOLLOW‘s Rocco Bellanova @ikkibop together with @jl_austin and M. Kaufmann.

Stepping into the haunted house of critique: @jl_austin @ikkibop and Mareile Kaufmann reflect on the @SecDialogue jubilee issue in this blogpost. Follow link in blogpost to read and get free access to the full issue until the end of March .

@deGoede9 talking about our Dutch #CFT report on @BNR radio: why is effectiveness of CFT policy hard to measure? 1. lack of clear objectives, 2. methodological challenge of measuring preventive action and 3. insufficient transparency of public actors about actual results.

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